Pre-Entry Temperature Sensor

Monitor and Control Building Access

Screen staff and visitors before entering your facility with touch-less temperature monitoring. The reader uses FLIR technology to read body temperature, indicating a “Pass” or “Fail” condition based on normal or elevated body temperature.


Effective from 18 – 36” distance, with approximately 1-second read-time.

Designed and assembled in the USA from internationally sourced components.

FLIR Temperature Reading
Temperature sensor
Normal Temperature
Elevated Temperature
Pre-entry temperature sensor
Face Shield  PPE

Accuracy: +/- 0.5 degree accuracy

Read Distance: 18" - 36"

Speed: 1-2 second detection

Processing Capacity: 1 person per device/1-2 seconds; 1,800-3,600 people per hour, depending on walking speed

Lead Time: 5 business days

Cost: $5,999 per unit, contact us for bulk order pricing (10+ units)