Safety Face Shields

Our PPE/safety face shields are ready to order. 




The design offers face protection from airborne particulate by creating a hard barrier between the wearer and the environment. It is not intended to replace N95 protection.

 This re-useable and cleanable faces shield is developed from the Badger Shield, an open-source collaborative design finalized by the University of Wisconsin Makerspace. ​​

  • Very good face and neck protection

  • Accepts most eyeglasses comfortably

  • Lexan is Resistant to most cleaning agents

  • Closed-cell foam forehead buffer is non-absorbent

  • Infinitely adjustable hook-and-loop closure

Face Shield  PPE

Shield Material: PETG or Lexan .030 or .040 (depending on availability)

Clarity: Optically Clear

Size: Width - 12"   Height - 10"

Headband Material: Urethane Closed-cell Foam

Closure: Hook and Loop, adjustable

Lead Time: Varies with supply chain

No minimum order. One free sample upon request. 


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