Whether you are implementing new safety measures or reopening after a closure due to COVID-19, your success depends on ensuring that your employees feel safe coming to work, your customers and visitors feel comfortable and safe in visiting, and that you manage risk effectively.

In order to achieve this you must:


Customers may be experiencing anxiety at visiting your location. They will anticipate change, but not know exactly what to expect. Let them know what to expect at every step of the journey to alleviate anxiety with effective signage and directional arrows


There is a new normal and behavior needs to be modified to make everyone feel safe and comfortable. Remind employees and visitors of protocols for social distancing, mask use, hand hygiene, and more with decals, signs, and banners.


Protect employees and visitors while managing risk with a range of protective measures for every area of interaction. Access control with an automated temperature reader can quickly and accurately assess visitors for elevated body temperature. Acrylic sneeze guards create a clear physical barrier where distancing is not possible. Easy access to hand sanitizer ensures hand hygiene. High-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, counters, and tabletops can be coated with antimicrobial film to protect between cleanings.



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